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We have often been asked what differentiates us from the other guys, particularly that oversized group of competitors, the mother load of all cartridge resellers..(and yes, we have 30 years in the industry)I sense that what the inquirer half expects is a canned response and in the final analysis, nothing at all is really very different. We have in fact spent the last few decades distinguishing ourselves from the others in many significant ways. You decide.

Ø Virgin cores: Years ago, we embarked on a quest to sell the best cartridge possible. The first consideration was to sell virgin cores only in that line. Our Image Master line is 100% virgins; no exceptions. Our Diamondkote line is about 75% virgins and the only non-virgins we use are our I/M returns. Do we ever rebuild a non-virgin twice? Never! Are there any other 100% virgin lines in the U.S.? We do not know of any. All other things being equal, virgin cores produce the lowest fail rate. The results are in; our Image Master line is unequaled in the United States.

Ø Accountability: Forget the assembly lines. We tried every variation on that theme. Presently, every cartridge that is sold from our company is built as a custom unit by a single experienced technician; complete, including all 75 steps. Our competitors experience up to 30% re-work; we enjoy less than 1/2%. Cartridges that are reworked time and again do not work better!

Ø Supplies: We sell only the best! IMEX toner, the highest quality available to our industry; Mitsubishi drums, and Tuico blades (Our carefully controlled tests give the nod to Tuico over all other blades); every blade is changed out and that is unusual in our industry. No reject or B grade supplies, ever!

Ø Tenure: Most of our competitors have over 50% personnel turnover in the plant; we have less than 10% annually. Higher pay, better perks; 100% medical & more respect have kept our staff intact. Our typical technician has built over 30,000 cartridges. The other guys cannot come close.

Ø Coating: The other guys have abandoned coating; they could never figure it out. Our manufacturer has over ten years experience and the only $100,000 automated drum coating system out there. We add 5,000 to 10,000 pages of useful yield, depending upon model to our Diamondkote line.

Ø Fulfillment: We finally figured out how to get 95% of our orders shipped the same day!

Ø Fail rate: We also discovered how to reduce our average fail rate for all reasons to less than 1%! The reasons above will give you a clue. No other competitor out there is yet at this level.

Ø Seals: This may seem like a small thing, but to us it is symbolic of our desire to achieve zero failure. There are nine models (of our 100) that have convoluted seal channels and must be sawed in two to accept a seal. We have sold these for years with only an internal magnetic seal and our fail rate is one-half that of a compromised unit. Sure, we know how to saw a cartridge in half too, but if you want to spend your money on a desecrated cartridge, call the other guys.

Ø ISO 9001

Ø ISO 9002: It was time consuming, expensive & painful but we got that certification and our literature confirms to you what it has meant to our company. The other guys could have done it too, but that would have been time consuming, expensive and painful! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Now you know what the right questions are.
If your vendor has the right answers, stick with him. If not, give us a call…

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